Bloomberg news on what went wrong addressing Covid19.

Bloomberg news posted an article which on what went wrong with our response to covid19 February3. Ironically, one of their big issues was the lack of a nationally coordinated effort. Much of the failure was states leaving efforts up to the local communities, which are highly fragmented. Our state Republicans want to end the maskContinue reading “Bloomberg news on what went wrong addressing Covid19.”

Wisconsin Senate Votes to block Governor Evers Emergency Mask Mandate.

Wisconsin State Republicans voted 1/27/21 to block Governor Evers Mask Mandate. I contacted a majority of Republican Senators and sent them a study of the Kansas State Mask Mandate that allowed counties to opt out. The Counties that opted out had a exponential growth in cases where the counties who did not opt out hadContinue reading “Wisconsin Senate Votes to block Governor Evers Emergency Mask Mandate.”

Don’t Be Like Texas, devise a targeted relief package.

A few days ago I saw a post on Facebook about the devastation to businesses like wedding venues, caterers, bars and restaurants in Wisconsin. The post said we should have been open like Texas and Florida. The Texas Covid Tracking Project has detailed information on Texas Hospitalization rates. October 1 had 3,190 patients hospitalized withContinue reading “Don’t Be Like Texas, devise a targeted relief package.”

A Covid-19 Virus Needs a new host every 10-14 days.

Viruses do not live long outside a host. So every 10-14 days the virus needs its host to spread the virus to another host. On average someone infected with Covid-19 infects 3-4 other folks. This is called the Reproduction Rate. To control a virus the Reproduction Rate needs to be less than one. The resultsContinue reading “A Covid-19 Virus Needs a new host every 10-14 days.”

BloomBerg Article “Covid Superspreader Risks is Linked to Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels.

Kristen V Brown writes, that Researchers at Standford University and Northwestern University used data collected between March and May in cities across the US to map the movement of people. Their Study was published Tuesday in the journal “Nature”. They found that 10% of the locations examined accounted for 85% of predicted infections. Capping occupancyContinue reading “BloomBerg Article “Covid Superspreader Risks is Linked to Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels.”

Misinformation about Herd Immunity

There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of intentional disinformation about Herd Immunity. Sweden is conducting a national experiment in Herd Immunity. The Idea is that if enough people catch Covid-19 early, it will prevent a second wave. Sweden has had 5 times the per capital deaths of Denmark and 10 times theContinue reading “Misinformation about Herd Immunity”

Vaccine optimism and What is needed for Herd Immunity.

I watch a 90 minute panel discussion by 4 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Three panel members had 35 years or more in viral vaccine and immunization research. The moderator had a strong background in viral science. This panel believes there are several promising paths to a vaccine and expectContinue reading “Vaccine optimism and What is needed for Herd Immunity.”

Mask Disinformation Forces

Our local Wisconsin State Representative Michael Schraa is using his Facebook page to get anti mask supporters out to Winnebago County legislative committee meetings, Winnebago County board meetings, and Oshkosh City Council meetings to speak against any form of a mask ordinance. He was joined by Donnie Herman who is running for an adjoining districtContinue reading “Mask Disinformation Forces”