Stop covid19 First. We need to treat this Pandemic as a public health crisis first. Only then can we safely reopen the country without a devastating second wave. We need to stop the false narrative that we have a choice between health and the economy. We know how to stop the spread. Taiwan a country with crowded cities and direct flights from Wuhan China has had less than 500 cases and 10 deaths. Taiwan has a weekly mask ration.

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To reopen the country we need to treat the pandemic as a public health crisis that can be fully addressed. The Harvard Business Review Published an article in early May titled “A plan to open the U.S. without adequate testing.” Their article is based on fundamental epidemiology, not on someones political ideology. The following pages makes a case for everyone understanding the basic challenge of this pandemic and agreeing to take proven preventative measures for the protection of everyone. With the AIDS epidemic, medical offices adopted “Universal Precautions” to prevent spreading AIDS in a medical setting. Covid-19’s ability to be spread in airborne droplets or droplets that fall on surfaces require everyone in every setting to adopt “Universal Precautions” If we do the virus be contained. If we don’t it cannot be contained.

The new “UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS” means everyone wears a mask at work, in stores, and where outdoors where social distancing is not possible. If some of us do not wear masks the pandemic will continue. Wearing a mask reduces my chance of getting Covid-19 by 30 percent, however if I am an asymptomatic carrier it stops me from spreading Covid-19 by over 90 percent.

Dr. Mike Duffy Internal Specialist Oshkosh Wisconsin.

“I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me.” This must become the new value that all Americans share and all Americans embrace.

Here is a video of particle spread from a single Sneeze.