Site Host Dr. Thomas Hallquist

Dr. Thomas Hallquist has practiced Dentistry in Oshkosh Wisconsin for 39 years. He is a 1975 graduate of Hope College in Holland Michigan and received his DDS degree from the University of Michigan in 1979. Dr. Hallquist agreed to treat patients from the first AIDS support group in Oshkosh during the 1980’s. This involved education and staff training at a time that many practitioners were paranoid about treating patients with AIDS. A new paradigm know as “universal precautions” became the norm for treating all dental patients. Many lessons from that time period, including debunking misinformation, false narratives about how the virus is spread, apply to a rational approach to Covid-19 today. Make no mistake, Covid-19 is far more dangerous than AIDS and will require everyone following a new update of “universal precautions”. Unfortunately, there are new obstacles that health professionals now face. The internet has made it far to easy to spread disinformation. Very professional conspiracy videos fill internet sites like Facebook.

Wisconsin conservative commentator Charlie Sykes detailed in an Oshkosh Ted Talk that when leaders lie about most things no one ultimately knows what to believe. Unfortunately in this Pandemic, not knowing what to believe is proving deadly.

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