Covid-19 Variant Risks and Russian Disinformation

There are 195 million Covid-19 cases that have been reported world wild. Assuming this is an under count by 50% to 100%, with 5 variants emerging so far, it means for every 60 to 80 million folks infected, a new dangerous variant emerges. Unfortunately, a public health issue has become politically divisive due to misinformation. Much of the disinformation comes from Russian sources. The Wall Street Journal called out Russian disinformation on the Pfizer Vaccine. If a third of the US population does not get vaccinated, with the Delta Variant taking hold, there is a high probability a second variant will emerge in the US. The Epsilon Variant emerged in Southern California.

Russia’s military added a cyber warfare division to their conventional and nuclear divisions. The purpose of the Russian cyber warfare department is to divide as many western democracies at they can divide. Below is a link to our Spring 2020 Military’s officers magazine Parameters. The opening 25 page commentary details the Russian efforts. Every American needs to read this commentary. The Russians have put out fake information about masking and supported anti-vaccine efforts by posting a lot of disinformation, on mainly conservative websites.

The net results of the Russian efforts are clear. While 10% of Democrats say they will not get the vaccine, 43% of Republicans state they will not get vaccinated. If Delta is at the high end of the calculated reproduction rate, it means you will either get the vaccine or get Delta. Please remember half of the folks that were asymptomatic on the Diamond Princes, had lower lung damage on lung scans. This political divide on a public health issue is disturbing. California reported 94% of their dentist are fully vaccinated. Another report had 96% of Physicians fully vaccinated. When folks do not understand risk factors due to disinformation, they avoid a risk that is 1 in a 100,000 to take on a risk that is 1 in 2. In addition to lung damage, there is significant risk to the heart and kidneys. A loss of smell means neurological damage.

Republicans must understand that an election tipping point is a close state can come from long term Republican Medical Providers, who never voted for Democrats, voted for Democrats in the last election for the first time in their lives because they are so disgusted with seeing the ICU nurses traumatized by having to zip dozens of body bags of nice folks who did not survive Covid-19. When you treat a person for one or two weeks, get to know their families, hear their life stories and they pass, it becomes very traumatic. Please get the vaccine as many nurses will reach a point where one more body bag is one too many. My Mother was a public health nurse in the 1930’s and after her kids were older she returned to nursing, but returned to the ER. She had previously stayed with families whose child did not survive whopping cough. In those cases she was a sort of pediatric hospice nurse. In ER you never built long term relations with families, who then had a love one pass. You did have to break the news of a loved ones death, and it was still traumatic, but not as traumatic as someone you built relationships over two weeks.

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