Delta Variant Impact, Vaccination more urgent according to Contagion Live.

I have been a subscriber to Contagion Live since Covid-19 began spreading rapidly in the US. Contagion Live has updates on many contagious pathogens, but a majority of the content is devoted to Covid-10. In addition to articles from scientist across the world, Contagion Live has links to several other similar subscription services, many like Medscape are free. The reproduction rate for the Delta Variant may be as high as 7. This means you may have only two choices, get the vaccine or you will get the Delta Variant. One report said there was evidence that the Delta Variant may cause lung cells to fuse enabling the virus to spread rapidly cell to cell. This may result in permanent lung damage in younger folks. While deaths for patients under 30 are rare, long term lung damage is common. With a reproduction rate of 7 the dream of herd immunity happening this summer may be just that, a dream. The Covid-19 infection rates could see a rebound in late July after the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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