Friday August 5 Wall Street Journal OP/ED “Vaccine Mandate Puts National Security at Risk”

The commanding General of the Florida National Guard penned an Editorial stating he could lose 1000 service members over the vaccine mandate. I previously wrote about how Russian Trolls were responsible for 95% of Covid Disinformation on many websites. I sent General Eifert links to his officer’s magazine detailing Russian activity on anti-vax sites in his Spring 2020 Parameters Officer’s Magazine. The lesson from this is National Security is at risk not from vaccine mandates, but from Putin’s new generation warfare where Russian trolls target enlisted service members and young officers. General Eifert needs to study Russian disinformation. I would suggest this year’s January/February Foreign Affairs magazine along with the opening commentary from 2020 Spring Parameters on the US Army’s War College Website under publications would be a good place to stary. Here is a link to his editorial.

Here is a link to Spring Parameters 2020 before the vaccine became a political wedge issue.

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