My Response to a very bizarre WSJ Editorial

Today’s December 5 2022 Wall Street Journal had a very weird editorial, designed not to help keep elderly healthy, but to attack Biden. Most new anti-Vax disinformation went away after Putin pivoted to the Ukraine War. The author seems to believe all we need to due is get good sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Suggest that to my neighbor who is taking care of a spouse with Parkinson’s.

Dear Editor,

     Your editorial “Hardly Anyone Is Buying Biden’s Bivalent Boosters” ends in bizarre recommendations.   The first is the elderly would benefit more from new treatments than vaccines.    There are hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists attempting to develop antiviral medications.  Yet in my lifetime. antivirals have only been developed against Flu, Ebola, hepatitis B and C, aids, herpes and now Covid. Compare this to vaccines in which there are over 60 developed against 26 conditions not including Covid.  The state with the highest rate of booster uptake, Vermont, has had the lowest death rate at 123 per 100,000 and Mississippi with the lowest rate of booster uptake is at 437 deaths per 100,000.

   The editorial ends with an even more bizarre statement saying the best way to protect yourself is sleep, nutrition and exercise.  A double booster person is 14 times less likely to die than the unvaccinated and 3 times less likely to die than the person with just the original vaccine. 

Sincerely Dr.   Thomas O Hallquist  DDS    920 379 0946.

Death rates for boosters from Your Local Epidemiologist. 

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