Today’s even stranger Wall Street Journal Editorials.

I could write a book on today’s Wall Street Journal Opinion pieces, Suffice it to say I am pasting my Letter to the editor responses to these latest ED/OP pieces. January 9.

  Your opinion piece “The White House Covid Censorship Machine” fails to mention that most Vaccine and Covid Disinformation comes from Russia.  The Guardian reported that when Russia started the Ukraine war 95% of covid disinformation attacks on a UK epidemiology website went away.   Our military officers magazine “Spring 2020 Parameters”, in its  25 page opening commentary, detailed how Russia uses sites like anti-vaccine sites to spread disinformation about vaccines.  This was written pre-covid vaccines.  Russia’s military combines conventional and nuclear forces with Putin’s “New Generation” disinformation forces, and engages in “Hybrid Warfare” through massive disinformation to divide democracies.   The enemy is not the White House, it is Putin.  Given the most vaccinated state of Vermont has 127 deaths per 100,000 while the least vaccinated state has 441 deaths per 100,000 Putin is winning in Mississippi.

Sincerely,  Thomas Hallquist

Allysia Finley’s article  “Experts are fueling Distrust in Vaccines”  misses the major source of distrust.  When Russia’s military trolls pivoted to the Ukraine War, the Guardian reported, 95% of new covid disinformation on UK epidemiology sites disappeared.  Before covid vaccines our Military’s officers magazine “Spring 2020 Parameters” wrote a 25 page opening commentary about Russian disinformation citing massive anti-vaccine disinformation by Russia on antivax websites. 

   The bottom line is Vermont, the most vaccinated state,  has 127 deaths per 100,000 while Mississippi, the least vaccinated state has 441 deaths per 100,000.    (Ms. Finley ends the article with “the internet is full of unexplained deaths” that follow vaccines.  Normally 270,000 folks die each month, statistically about 20,000 of them would have been vaccinated that month.  Most of these folks probably ate chocolate that month too. Statistically  there would be 10 times more unexplained deaths after eating chocolate.)

Sincerely,  Thomas Hallquist DDS  

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