Wisconsin Senate Votes to block Governor Evers Emergency Mask Mandate.

Wisconsin State Republicans voted 1/27/21 to block Governor Evers Mask Mandate. I contacted a majority of Republican Senators and sent them a study of the Kansas State Mask Mandate that allowed counties to opt out. The Counties that opted out had a exponential growth in cases where the counties who did not opt out had a far slower growth rate. I also pointed out this weekend’s Wall Street Journal that ran article on the 3 emerging viral strains of Covid-19 that are far more infectious and are now appearing to be more deadly. I did an open records request for the Republican plan to combat these new viral strains. Senator Feyen’s office reported no related documents. What is worse States with Emergency orders are to receive an additional 49 million dollars in assistance that we may not get due to this vote.

In conversations with a manager at an Atlanta hospital, a state without a mask mandate, she stated they designated 40 beds to covid-19 this spring and now upped that to 81 beds with the holiday surge. I do not understand given the outcomes in Georgia and Kansas why a legislator would vote against a mask mandate. When we have states with ICU units overrun like Georgia and Texas, I would believe a legislator would do everything they could to combat this situation. One of the reasons two Republican Senators lost their elections in Georgia was the disgust with the lack of response to this virus.

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