Don’t Be Like Texas, devise a targeted relief package.

A few days ago I saw a post on Facebook about the devastation to businesses like wedding venues, caterers, bars and restaurants in Wisconsin. The post said we should have been open like Texas and Florida. The Texas Covid Tracking Project has detailed information on Texas Hospitalization rates. October 1 had 3,190 patients hospitalized with 1075 on ventilators. By January 9 there were 13,935 reported hospitalized with 3,478 on ventilators. That means nearly 14,000 Texas residents will remember the 2020 holidays, not for family gatherings, but for praying that your loved one would be there for the next Christmas Holiday.
We need to help the person who wrote this post. I would like to see a more targeted Covid-19 relief package to help these folks. Activities that are super spreader events must be put on hold until 85% are vaccinated. Opening like Texas is not an option. I spoke with a friend in Atlanta who is a manager at a 150 bed hospital. They now have 81 beds designated for Covid-19. My friend in Atlanta is drained by double shifts, staff shortages, and seeing patients being diverted or not given a hospital bed as there are none left.
A relative who has two pensions, social security and did not spend money during Covid-19 by staying home said, give the relief to those who need it.

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