Letter in Herald and Dr. Duffy YouTube Link

I placed a letter in the Oshkosh Herald as several hundred business folks showed up at a meeting of the Winnebago County legislative committee opposing a public health ordinance. The posts on Wisconsin State Representative Michael Schraa talked about winning, protecting their rights and freedom. I think these business owners are not aware of their disastrous messaging. This isn’t about winning, freedom or rights. It is about taking responsibility to stop an airborne virus from spreading in your business. It is about taking responsibility to protect your customers and employees. Every right has several responsibilities. So does every freedom. The Pizza industry has a message about con-tactless pizza delivery keeping you safe. That started in Korea, one company applied it to all 40 countries that they have stores in. Then every major pizza place adopted this concept. What a powerful message to their customers. Contrast the message on Representative Schraa’s Facebook page. Little mention of specific language they objected too. No messaging about what they are doing to protect you and me in their business. If this doesn’t scare most senior citizens from entering small businesses, I don’t know what will. If we all wear a mask starting now, the chances of an outbreak in a school in fall is fairly low. If we all wear a mask the virus dies out as (R) is less than one. If we don’t then 60,000 projected deaths will come true.

Dr Duffy made an YouTube video urging everyone to wear a mask. He is an Internal Medical Specialist who recently retired. This is worth watching and posting. Thank you Dr. Duffy.

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