Recent Covid-19 News

Three successful approaches to controlling this virus: New Zealand after a “hard shutdown” and strict protocols has gone 17 days without a new case of Covid-19 and now reopened the economy fully without restrictions. They are a unique in that they are an Island and can quarantine travelers coming into their country. Korea where everyone wears a mask, has had under 300 deaths and never shut down their economy. They employ extensive testing, tracking and tracing. Taiwan has a weekly mask ration that you can purchase from a pharmacy or convenience store. Three slightly different approaches, but all work. In China before the outbreak folks wore masks in crowded areas. In the USA we need leadership that recognizes that Covid-19 is serious as the virus attaches to ACE2 receptors found in the heart and kidneys. Mayo’s put out a podcast that they are finding elevated Troponin levels associated with a heart attack from a blockage. Normally these people would be taken to the Cath Lab. Now they advise Covid-19 patients not go to the Cath Lab unless they have symptoms of a heart attack.

June 6 World Health Organization update included wearing mask in public reversing a previous recommendation for healthy individuals. Since then several observational studies also back wearing masks for healthy individuals in public.

June 17 The World Health Organization is no longer including Hydroxychloroquine in its trails of Covid-19 drugs.

June 18 Taiwan has had 7 deaths and 446 cases. Taiwan has very crowed cities, but has a weekly mask ration that can be picked up at a convenience stop or pharmacy. They started this early in their response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

June 16 Article in the Wall Street Journal: “Exactly how do you catch Covid-19? There is a growing consensus” This article details the biggest danger is poorly ventilated indoor spaces and close contact. It emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask.

In the above link Dr. Davis shows Petri dishes after coughing with and without a mask

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