Bloomberg news on what went wrong addressing Covid19.

Bloomberg news posted an article which on what went wrong with our response to covid19 February3. Ironically, one of their big issues was the lack of a nationally coordinated effort. Much of the failure was states leaving efforts up to the local communities, which are highly fragmented. Our state Republicans want to end the mask mandate and leave it up to local government. That did not work in Kansas where a majority of the counties opted out of the state mandate. Those counties opting out saw an exponential growth in Covid19 as compared to those that did not. I occasionally read articles on three medical sites I subscribe to. All of them promote strong national and international approaches. I find it intolerable that state legislators do not do minimal background reading. If they did there should be no support for leaving Covid19 to local communities. When you talk about new variants a single passenger on a single flight from Europe, Brazil, and South Africa can transport a highly infectious virus and enter on bar and become a super spreader. A virus needs a new home every 10 days. The combination of strict masking and vaccines will control it. Relying on vaccines alone will double or triple the time it will take to control this vaccine.

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