BloomBerg Article “Covid Superspreader Risks is Linked to Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels.

Kristen V Brown writes, that Researchers at Standford University and Northwestern University used data collected between March and May in cities across the US to map the movement of people. Their Study was published Tuesday in the journal “Nature”. They found that 10% of the locations examined accounted for 85% of predicted infections. Capping occupancy at 20% in Chicago Metro area cut infections by 80%.

Wisconsin has a restaurant occupancy limit of 25% back in effect after several court actions. Most restaurants cannot financially survive at this occupancy. I believe it is more important to provide financial assistance to these local businesses instead of sending more money to Foxconn whose buildings are being used for winter boat storage. To rebuild the Wisconsin economy, from the effects of the Pandemic, we need to redirect resources to training skilled trades to replace retiring Baby Boomers, make sure that 90% of folks get the Covid19 Vaccine so retirees feel safe in restaurants, and give aid to closed business until at least a 80% vaccination rate is reached. Since restaurants have been the source of many super spreader events, the Tavern League, Chamber of Commerce and Restaurant owners need to push vaccinations.

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