Oshkosh City Mask Ordinance.

Oshkosh is voting tonight on a mask ordinance. It is important to weigh in on it. The ordinance has a number of loopholes. It is not clear if someone can claim an exemption and enter a business that requires mask. This loophole needs to be closed. Two issues everyone needs to consider: how do small businesses make customers feel safe and how do we prevent a winter second wave.

A retirement investment seminar my wife watched predicted a slowdown in job recovery until people feel safe going to small businesses. It is important that all small businesses post signs requiring mask. I was in Door County last week and the grocery store Piggly Wiggly had signs on each side of the drive into the parking lot requiring masks, two signs on each side of each entrance and one banner sign between the two entrances. Our Oshkosh Piggly Wiggly has none of that. If every business had large posters stating masks required to protect our employees on every entrance folks would comply and feel safer. The Colorado sun said Amazon in Colorado is hiring 1900 more workers. That is not a good sign for small business.

A second issue is scientist do not know if there will be a second wave like 1918. From April through September 1918 there were 75,000 deaths, then in October there were estimates of 195,000 deaths for that one month. Do not relax precautions at this point.

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